Thursday, 26 May 2016

Health professionals - how to talk to them ( a carer's perspective)

Firstly, appreciate them for what they do for the people you care for or you. Secondly, point out that you understand they have a bit workload. Thirdly, point out to them that you aren't a medical professional - if you aren't of course, and that you don't understand jargon or when they bash out sentences quickfire style expecting you to know exactly what they are talking about and they really should put themselves in your shoes as someone caring for another rather than being in that wonderful space of being detached. Oh to be detached. We develop that in a way but essentially when you care for a loved one, you are attached in some sort of way. If you weren't, it would be a sad thing and slightly worrying too. Make it clear what your loved one needs, what you need (and yes you are able to ask for this) and what the best solution, in the most efficient, cost effective, time effective way possible. And hope this works. It has been doing so for me.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Minor strokes - take aspirin immediately

Asprin and Paracetamol should be kept in the First Aid kit or the store cupboard. But Asprin is a blood thinner and works well for stroke patients. I recommend you keep them. They can help thin the blood when there is sign of a stroke, however major or minor. Of course, you MUST call for an ambulance but you can take the Asprin while you are waiting for the emergency services to arrive on the scene. I cannot stress enough how quickly you must call 999!!!! Oxford University have done the research which was published in the journal, The Lancet but this has been common knowledge among those who understand stroke for a while now.

Guardian article_Pass notes No 3,623 Pensioners

I read this and had to share a little of it with you.... The elderly term is no longer considered one that describes everyone that should fall under it! So there are four new categories Smarties - Senior Market Town Retirees Diamond Days - affluent, mortgage free, suburbanites Senior Security - well off but risk averse Vintage Value - not so well off Apparently, according to the credit checking company Experian, they produced a report outlining different types of older people. The article then jests and somewhat light heartedly discusses terms and catch-all phrases which are used to cover whole groups of individuals. It may be patronising or it may be helpful so we don't fall to stereotypes.... but it takes a company to make the point however many older people they 'interviewed' in order to reach these conclusions. A brilliant piece all the same. Pass Notes often are but this one just begged to be shared with you.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Vintage tea party

For the British Queen's 90th, communities are encouraged to hold street tea parties. Or in their homes. What a gret way to invite your elderly neighbours round? If lots of people pitch in, you could have a ball....

Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Malnutrition Prevention Programme

A report in the New Day newspaper, the MGN group's new paper, caught my eye. The UK government help fund a scheme called the Malnutrition Prevention Programme. Apparently, in a report undertaken to find out why some elderly people were dying, they found the cause was cited as malnutrition. 1,794 it states. So the programme helps The Cosy Crow Community Cafe which uses food destined for landfill (perfectly edible) and turns them into meals which they serve to the elderly. What a brilliant idea! There is so much food waste going on in the UK as well as the terrible situation faced by some pensioners who are malnourished that this addresses both issues. Could we doing more of this? Or could we be finding ways to ask people to donate items which are then assessed in a community group to check if it's safe to eat and use it to make meals? This Malnutrition Prevention Programme sounds like a brilliant idea. There is all sorts of advice on there as well as information about campaigns trying to keep Meals of Wheels going. There is also Contact the Elderly which a friend volunteers for. This is a great way to make food or hold an afternoon tea for a group of older people so they can get out of their environment and meet other people.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Valentines day is coming and the chocolates are being stocked up!

Lots of different varieties. The beautiful packaging shouldn't detract from the quality of the chocolate. If you are giving a gift, always find out what the receiver likes... you don't want to give someone lemon creams or truffles when they have a disliking for the stuff. You can't always help it if it's in a selection but do check. The best in the supermarkets are: Charbonnel and Walker Marc De Champagne Chocolate truffles - I have seen them retailing in Waitrose for around £9.99 Marks and Spencer's do some wonderful truffles. Lindt Lindor red wrapped chocolates always appear to be popular. The liquid chocolate that oozes out of each chocolate tends to be a draw.

Monday, 19 January 2015

New year, new gym memberships and books about cutting out sugar

You might not wish to join a gym or buy one of the plethora of books on cutting out sugar, cutting out tasty food etc. But you might want to try thinking more positively. There are so many articles about January blues, people feeling so down that they book their summer holidays well in advance and so on. When you have a moment where you're standing on a crowded commuter train, or behind the wheel stuck in traffic, think about how wonderful it felt on Christmas Day. Or Thanksgiving. Or a special birthday or some special day when you laughed so much, your stomach hurt. Try to think about that for as long as you possibly can. And if you forget because you are back in a routine, go back to those good-feeling thoughts again and see if it helps. Even just a little bit.